Recyle and Reduce

No, this is not a discussion of garbage disposal, but paring down the parts of the old B Skeeter Touch & Go to fit a new Whizz. The first chop went to the hollow spruce mast. We added a sheave, trimmed the halyard, and left the hound where it was as the Whizz rig carries its hound rather high. The spring board lost a couple of feet, and got shaved down to a flexible thickness. The carbon/glass on the top was left intact.

The plank needed to loose 3/4″ on the entire length. The bottom had carbon and glass so we took it off the top, routing slots all the way along. By taking a uniform thickness, the taper was maintained. By the way, the crown on this plank was so nice that we used it as a form to laminate a new runner plank for a gentleman from New Jersey who’s building a new boat.

The trusty and venerable adze took care of the rest in a very satisfying manner.

Touch & Go was built in 1960 by Chris-Craft, and the spruce is absolutely gorgeous. I do hope Frank will varnish it.

Then the crucial spring test. Frank is a bit on the large size, so I needed to stack blocks of lead atop the anvil to see if it would take the load. It flattened out nicely at 300#.

The old boat had these charming little pillow block chocks, which lined up very easily.

Putting it all together to measure for rigging for the first time is always a treat. I was sitting in the cockpit checking for boom clearance when my wife drove by and saw me. ” A bit early yet, isn’t it?”, she said. “I’m working!”, I yelled, but she was already gone, shaking her head.

Meanwhile, down in Connecticut, Paul Zucco is finishing up his Whizz. That’s the plank in glue-up on the right. He assures us he’ll be on the ice this season, so we should see at least a few Whizz races. This class does qualify as a C Skeeter, and there are a few front seat boats of that class being built. Cody Sisson got his on the ice last year. We could be in for some fun events this coming season.

As most of the followers of this site probably know by now, Whizz plans are available here, and include full size bulkhead patterns.

Lastly, congratulations to Robin Stevenson who bought the “fresh from the barn” DN special. He’s just getting started and already knows exactly how far it is from his house to Plymouth.

Think Building!

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