Iceboating Characters Wanted

There is a film production company from Santa Monica called Skip Films who have gotten it into their heads that they want to make an ice boat film. If we really want to promote the sport, we should probably play along until they realize the logistical challenges, and the need to wear long underwear.

The contact there is:

Kristen Rinella | Development Manager
2038 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404
O: 310.315.7233 | F: 310.315.7239;

What she’d like from us to start is for those interested in taking part to schedule a Skype interview with them. A “casting” interview. They will then find some stock iceboat video to include with the “stars” they’ve selected from the said interviews and pitch that to the producer. I spoke with her today and have to admire her gumption. She hasn’t a clue about the sport, but something about what she’s discovered so far has tickled a nerve. Could just be that iceboating is just what a troubled world needs more of. She wants workshop time, too.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Kate Morrone stopped by to see Ron Buzzel’s new trailer.

He’s able to carry his Camden Crossover “Carol-Ann” as well as three DN’s. Does this mean Ron’s about to hit the road this winter? Will we see his smiling face here in Maine? Who are his three DN sailing buddies? Nice job, Ron

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