Last Chance Ice

Major snow storm forecast for Sunday; tomorrow will be it for a while. So if we want the last of the new black ice, it’ll have to be Lake Conchnewagon in Monmouth. We haven’t even had the FIRST of the new black ice this season, so when Lee Spiller sent this photo and confirmed the pack was reliable we decided that we’re going.

This is where we need Jory’s voice to describe the angst of getting beat up in the snow covered ice while knowing that somewhere, somewhere, there is great ice just sitting there doing nothing but look pretty. He’s right: and here it is.
There is a nice town beach and boat ramp on Beach Rd which is off Rt 132, Main St, in Monmouth where the railroad tracks cross. Wind forecast is 10kt, fading in the afternoon. It’ll be cold, but sunny, so dress accordingly. The early bird might freeze,
but he’ll be the one what gets the breeze!

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