Smouldering Ice

Tuesday Dec 17 sun up -22F at Heron beach on Chickawaukee and the ice is steaming where it has been wetting our since the 10 inch snow storm 2 days ago. This is very close to record cold. The lake was mostly frozen over with maybe 2 inches as the snow began, usually Chicky waits until after Christmas to freeze. The cold snow drifted exensively in the storm winds.

At the time of snow there were a few pools of water that had just skimmed over. These turned brown/grey, the fine dry heavy snow sinking them immediately. These area are growing now as the ice sinks and snow wets out, these are where the ice was steaming as snow continues to get wet. This is a slow process with the new ice that is quite tight, no cracks. But the thin black ice has no air in it and with little buoyancy it will sink sooner or later. In the meantime we are going to get another 3-5 inches tonight. I have not explored the thin ice with snow on top and I do not have a dog to send out. On a more cheerful note we are likely to get rain this weekend.

David Lampton reports from the shores of Damariscotta that the lake was largely open before the big snow and is now frozen slush with a wind blown surface like Chicky’s. He has not been out on it but his 30 Lb dog has without getting wet. He needs a bigger dog.

We can all look at Jordan Bay at “”, right now at 9 AM by dawn’s early light, looking West, it looks like either ice or water. The snow forecast for this afternoon may clarify the image.


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Long time ice boater. Creator of the Gambit and Cheapskate boats. Author of the first definitive book on ice boating "Think Ice"One of the original members of the Chickawaukie ice boat club in Maine. Lloyd also lives on Chickawaukie and has played launch host to countless ice boaters over the years.
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