Where’s the Ice?

In the back of our mind was the thought that Damariscotta had not frozen before the snow. But sad to say, Scott the Guy went to have a look today and it was “all white now”. One part of Muscongus Bay was still open, but access to that plate was across some very sketchy stuff. He reports that the blunt side of the ax easily went through the three inches of ice covered by two inches of snow. Not quite slush, but marginal ice at best.

Megunticook and Chickawaukee are both snowed out, with no sign of recovery events in the forecast. It’s still early, but Jordan Bay could be something. Anyone down there willing to go have a look?

On the other hand, have a look at the web came from Rockwood on Moosehead Lake: http://www.rockwoodonmoosehead.org/images/ftp/ What we see looks sailable, but off to the north appears to be a very nice sheet. We will try to work some local contacts to get boots on the ice.

Doug Sharp checks in from Lakeville: Long Pond Lakeville is 80-90% ice with dozens of holes from persistent wind. Cold to-nite snow to-morrow, still we wait. Christmas to New Years is our usual.
Thanks, Doug.

Meanwhile, meditate on this, thinking ice:

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