More is Better

Well, just like Jory said this morning, but with ten boats on the ice, a whole lot more fun. The big feature of the day was Lloyd finally having a chance to give CHEAPSKATE a shake-down. We though it might become a shake-OUT as the wind was NW 10-20. The Sunfish rig just looked to big, especially as the rest of us were carrying storm sails. But he sailed around very stately, even passing a few boats, and broke nothing.

Those guys in the background are getting the heck out of the way!

Down for a nap in Deep Cove. It’s hard work driving these things miles and miles over spectacular ice with a fresh wind.

Into the setting sun for one more run. Boats are on the ice for tomorrow, but rain forecast for the weekend. Back to one day at a time, and what a great start to our home ice season!

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