Sebago Blowing Out

Yesterday’s vast sheet of new ice is now piling up on the rocks. It was two inches thick, as you can see in the picture. A lot different from this morning’s shot!

The sheet along shore is thicker and we spent the day short tacking and gybing up and down the beach on clear black ice the likes of which we’ve not seen this year.

This small pack might blow out as well in the strong westerlies predicted for tomorrow. But meanwhile Brian Lamb, Lee Spiller, Buchholz and Squibb got a nice fix. No ideas what or when could be next, unless you can get over to Plattsburg for the North Americans. I suppose they’ll leave the ice in good condition!

There’s three inches right up to the edge. Jory checked!

We sailed with the bottom of this shallow bay in view most of the time. Rocks would loom up and then vanish, submerged moorings and even a few fish would zoom by underfoot. It was mesmerizing, and a few of us nearly wandered onto the thin sheet while flying over the bottom. The illusion of flying was enhanced by the absolutely silent running of the blades.

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