Whizz Building Taking Off

We have four new Whizz under construction, one hoping to hit the ice this season and the others next year. With W-1 Whizz Kid dominating the C Skeeter class this year it only seems fitting that from this evolving fleet of now eleven boats can be found a worthy competitor.

Carl Jelleme is building his W-9 on Nantucket.

This is a good shot of the kerfs in the stringers that allow you to pull them in and down (and the chines up). Note also the nice radius on the chine in the cockpit. It’s nice to have a soft corner to bump into a you’re bouncing around on rough ice, like today on Damariscotta for example. W-3 Whizzard bottomed out of a pile of frozen stuff today and put a crack in the bottom.

Meanwhile in Quebec, Denis is building W-10 for himself, to be christened Whizzper, and W-11 Whizzkey for his buddy Francois.

Bill Bernhard lives in Adirondack, NY and sails a Nite from his front yard on Schroon Lake. If all goes according to plan he should have W-8 sailing before the end of the season.

As we all know by now, Paul Zucco launched his W-7 earlier this season and reports that he went as fast an he wanted for the first time out, if not faster. Steve Lamb is working to complete W-6, but he appropriated its wing mast for the Renegade El Diablo. She sailed beautifully, Steve reports. Frank Able has yet to find time to launch W-5 Gee Whizz but is just itching to go.

Can we muster this group to a start line some day? The ISA regatta has been called ON for this weekend on Champlain at Westport, NY, assuming the snow doesn’t nail the plate on Wednesday. Could we see more than one Whizz on the line? Paul? Pete? Rodger? Frank?

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