Dreaming of Ice

While we’re testing the limits of our patience, push play, close your eyes, and listen to this wonderful musing on black ice. The visuals will keep you going a little bit longer. Some of you Cape sailors may even recognize the lake.

Black ice account

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1 Response to Dreaming of Ice

  1. Black ice is sooo special. Few know of its beauty. I now live and work at the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, with 150 and more Master’s Degree students from over 50 nations from all around the world. It is a special honor and joy to work with, support, and learn from them. Yet, I still miss the cold of Minnesota and living, skating, iceboating, skiing, etc on Union Lake south of Minneapolis. This wonderful account communicates clearly why I still miss the wonders of a cold Minnesota winter. Thank you. P.S. I would be glad to host you at the university. Learn more at http://www.upeace.org.

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