The seminal work on DN tuning and racing by Lloyd Roberts and Warner St. Claire is now available through the CIBC. This is the latest edition, and all profits go to the Club.

Seventeen dollars to Lloyd Roberts, 140 Porter St. Rockport, ME 04856. Shipping included.

Local lakes are wetting out nicely. Chicky and Megunticook in particular look very nice. This morning Megunticook had a smooth grey frozen surface with 1 1/2″ of water below. Tonights low temps should button that up easily. We are bound to hear something from Lloyd regarding Chickawaukee this morning. Sailing tomorrow could be a long shot, but by Wednesday morning we should be good to go. Of course there’s a fifty percent chance of snow Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, from way down east Warren Nethercote sends this report. How is it that not only do they win the gold in ice hockey and have universal health care, but get the best ice in the known world right now?!

Bob Crinion and I sailed today at lake William (see photo), starting at about 1PM. The surface was smooth with about 3/4 inch of slush on top of a hard under layer. We didn’t try inserts but went straight to angle runners. It was fast running in the beginning and I initially had problems keeping the boat flat, but as the afternoon wore on the wind faded. Bob and I enjoyed our day out: I think it was my 14th day of iceboating this year.

Terry Heffler paid us our first visit at Lake William and reported that he’d checked on Grand Lake, which was in much the same condition, so perhaps we will get to sail there this year, cold weather willing. Tyler Garland arrived later and gave Bob’s boat a go, but by then the wind was in its fading stage. We should have gone sailing in the morning, both for wind and harder ice, but there was that little matter of a hockey game to watch.

Dave Whynott checked on both Sherbrooke and Mush a mush lakes yesterday. Both had benefitted from the rain and sun and were levelling out. The ice surface at Sherbrooke willl likely be the better of the two after a freeze, as long as Sherbrooke doesn’t get too much snow. In that regard, the forecast of 5 to 10 cm of snow mid- week is a bit discouraging. If any of the bigger lakes miss the snow we should begin to think about scheduling the Maritime championship regatta. Next weekend would be good, if we don’t get the snow.


DN 3786

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