Racing Day One

Some of you will remember racing on Sebago a few years bak when we were all lined up ready to start when one of the boats blew over in a gust. The gust never quit so the race was called. It was deja vu all over again today. We were all lined up, the started had walked out with his flag and started the countdown when a DN in the back ground capsized under way and launch the skipper on a long slide down wind. The gust was clocked at 30, so we held the boats steady for about fifteen minutes until the race was formally called off.

We did get one practice race earlier and the US team placed somewhere in the middle. They sail a figure eight course here and I was terrified of being in the lead and forgetting which way to round. Thankfully, that will not be a problem.

We had a lovely long downwind sail back to the pits, which I drew out as long as possible. We had to take back our pit crew boss Boris; he didn’t fit easily into the cockpit, while Dimitri rode on the plank. A fairly intense package in 25kts. But the sun was warm, the ice was still hard, and the scenery spectacular. In the distance are the snow covered mountains of Norway. I sailed us a couple of extra miles to the ferry’s open fairway before gybing around and heading for the pits. I has a feeling we were done for the day and wanted to get as much as this as possible. Indeed, two hours later racing was called for the day.

Ripping along, not wanting to take her home and call it a day.

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