Official results Maine State DN Regatta Sunday Mar 9th 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
2014 Maine State Championship! !!

After a late day wind on Saturday allowing the racers to complete the Doc Fellows
regatta we were hoping for the wind to be early and lasting. It was earlier and more moderate. We were able to finish 5 races. The final race was square at the start, but very soon after the start there was a wind shift to make things difficult.

The RC (me) lost all the registration papers, race results, clipboard, cash on the ice. Getting back to the launch site and finding that nobody had it, I went back out to look for it. Many of the cruisers joined in and helped, but we just could not find the grey clipboard. I will  replace the clipboard and it will most likely be a bright colored one. By the time I returned to the launch the racers were all on their drives home, so I could not reconstruct the  results. I packed up and decided I would email the three racers that I knew were in the top three places, and ask them for their separate recollections. I went home and did my best to remember the afternoon.

On Monday I emailed Steve, Chad, and Eric and asked them to email me what they could remember of the finishes. When I received the replies they all were the same, so we have
the results and the first three finishers of the 2014 Maine State Championship. I apologize to the remaining five sailors for not having their positions, but shit does happen.

Eric! 1+1+1+2=5
Chad! 2+3+1+1=7
Steve! 2+2+3+6=13

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Races

Race 1: Eric5193, Chad4487
Race 2: Eric5194, Steve4512, Chad4487
Race 3: Eric5195, Steve4512, Chad4487
Race 4: Chad4487, Eric5195, Steve4512
Race 5: Chad4487, Ed5022, Peter2766, Eric5195, Steve4512

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