Fat Lady Balks

Each time she tries to sing either she slips on the ice or her lips freeze. And Moosehead Lake is so hard of hearing that she just can’t get through up there. Those three feet of ice covered with twelve inches of slush refuse to listen. Therefore, it is incumbent upon our club to go give it a shot. By Friday there will have been two cold nights, one low teens and one low twenties. We’ve had many “Miracles on Slush” before, so we believe this surface should firm up enough to sail on. Our snowmobile tour guide spy also reports he’s seen no pressure ridges.

That said, we offer no guarantees and no refunds. Just a notice that Denis, Curtis, Jory and myself will be at the Rockwood public ramp Friday morning about 8:00 and would love to see you there.

The view over the bow on Moosehead last April.

Map of Maine Public Boat Ramps | MapMuse

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