Boats for Sale and Swap

The natives are beginning to stir. Boats are getting dragged out of storage, dusted off and tuned up. In a few cases, guys are moving to different platforms. We have two classic DN’s available, one custom skeeter, and one who’d like to swap his 5.5 mylar KiteWing for a DN. For the swap, contact Mark  <>

For the Captain America DN, contact Curtis Rindlaub: The boat is in Portland and has complete covers for car topping, and sails remarkably well.

The other DN is near Bath, in Arrowsic. Bart Chapin writes: I will put a coat of paint on the hull just to spruce things up a bit. All else is good. It has Sarns runners that are good as new, a Kenyon mast and Shore sail. Standing and running rigging is all new last year. The sail is a bit stained but otherwise good. All Harken blocks. Contact Bart at   <>

Then we have this truly unique skeeter built by a fabricator from lightweight stainless tubing, skinned on the sides with aircraft fabric and dope, decks plywood. Has a rig and sail from a Tornado catamaran, Sarns plate runners and the trailer. Check out the double cockpits. Somewhere down there is foot steering. The owner would like to find the boat a good home, and with that in mind has priced it right. Contact Bill at

Some of these fine vessels might be at the Swap Meet if they don’t move before, so make it a date. Come check out all the great gear, boats and folks. And take part in the NEIYA meeting. October 25, Knights of Columbus Hall, Westboro, MA.

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