Contrary to Jory’s observation, the southern plate IS NOT safe. Wolfie’s crack is now larger. Access to the north end is tricky. But we will be having a look at it and welcome the company of all. Here’s Bob’s report from today:

Spent 5hrs out there today. The ice is so nice I cannot describe it. Most of it has gone down to clear and maybe 4-5″ thick. Hazards? Yes. The big crack east of the landing is bigger and will not likely freeze overnight because of wind. A few big holes in the south end that we saw and Denis’ holes are quite big and noticeable along with a few other holes in that same pressure ridge. Up north there is incredible big ice with a few hazards. One being a pressure ridge off a point just beyond Twin Islands and just north of that a few sneaky holes. If you get up in the north end [I hope you do] its pretty much big smooth clear ice until you get near the inlet which is wide open into the lake about 100yards. We think you can get around Denis’ crash site by going way east of it or even west shore where we were. We did not go along the east shore much because of the wind. We did skate down the middle most of the way from the top and saw only a few hazards.

Zambonied, but thickness unknown. Thanks to Bob Lombardo for the photos and report.

These holes might heal by Wednesday in the predicted cold, but tomorrow will just be skimmed. If the plate itself is in good shape then it will be capable of supporting a regatta regardless of the holes. They are outside a potential course area and can be well marked.

We will post a report early tomorrow so the New England guys (and the Nova Scotians) can make plans.

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