Pushaw Still Great

After so many days of ideal conditions we had a reality check today in the form of Big Wind. Steady 20kts gusting easily to 25, measured between the pits cove and Dollar Island. And I haven’t even loaded my storm sail this season. Others found themselves in the same position, and still others had runners that had been dulled from all the hard work of these past days. One gust and you were going sideways faster than you were forward.

But on such flawless ice there wasn’t much to worry about, so we explored behind Dollar and Hardwood Islands. The bay there is easily as large as Chickawaukee with ice as lovely as everywhere else. A few folks ventured south, but with the pressure ridge running the same direction as the wind, crossing was tough. One guy lowered his sail to make it easier. His buddy didn’t, but probably will next time! But speaking of tough, at last sight Ramblin’ Roger and Paul Delnero met at the pressure ridge, introduced themselves, and rattled over the ridge, vanishing over the horizon. The rest of us had enough and flew back to the pits to de-rig.

There will be a bunch of sailors tomorrow taking advantage of the moderate winds and the last of the ice. Our paradise will be covered in snow by dawn Sunday. The more coastal lakes should be getting rain. We’ll keep an eye on things next week. Meanwhile, here’s something to meditate upon as you’re shoveling snow Sunday morning. It’s today on Phillips Pond.

Bob Lombardo photo.

Lastly, a tip of the helmet to Chris and his buddy from Nantucket. They get the furthest travelled award, and they brought storm sails, in spite of which they still got an awesome Nantucket Sleigh Ride!

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