Walker Pond Looks Possible

Kevin Grindle sent this report, along with the photos:

Larry and I plowed the ramp this morning and had a quick look at the plate of black ice on the lower third of the pond. Thickness is in the 4-5” range with a thin layer of snow cover. A fair amount of ice is showing through the snow. Bright sun and no wind this morning so the showing black ice might melt down the snow. The scramble is on to have boats on ice tomorrow but I want to stress the point that Walker can not be trusted. Being spring fed and subject to crazy wind she is notorious for thin spots and non consistent ice. A couple of test holes off the ramp don’t represent the entire pond. Please come prepared to ice check before sailing. The more the merrier. The ice fishermen are working onto the pond from the Town landing and should have some input as to how things are looking up there. I will post info as it comes in.


This looks a lot better than what we have around here, so after many yeas of promising Kevin that we’d come sail with him, it looks like tomorrow might just be the day. The wind forecast looks strong enough to blow through the snow drifts.

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