Jordan Bay Today

Just in from Lee Spiller:

Bob from Brunswick with his new, and very spiffy cheapskate, Karin Wilson, and yours truly sailed Jordan Bay. As we were setting up boats gusts were lifting snow high in the air down the lake. We did get a couple of hours of fun sailing but the wind was coming down the entire time. We went out with flat sails but wished for more power later. I brought a 10′ plank out to the reef but it had frozen tight in places and wasn’t needed. If I’d been on the ball I’d have a great shot of the cheapskate sailing across the pressure ridge. Nice boat, Bob sailed it well and it really went.
The bay remains snow covered. There are some stiff drifts especially near shore and wherever features in the ice collected snow.
We went past the reef but not far. Nobody wanted to be trapped far downwind with 2″or 3″ snow. A worthwhile outing. Should have been there earlier to catch the wind… Lee

It should be noted that this was Bob’s maiden voyage in his new Cheapskate; he’s been chomping at the bit all winter! Hopefully we can find some actual ice for him, although it’s not looking good. Massachusetts reports nice ice on Long Pond and Webster Lake, although snow is threatening both as we speak. There may be CIBC plans to go there on Friday if the snow misses. Stand by, tank up on the cheap gas and go!

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