Racing this Saturday

Doug Raymond is calling the Commodore’s Cup ON for Saturday:

This Saturday on Chickawaukee in Rockport we will be sailing the Commodore’s Cup Regatta. ALL BOATS WELCOME. Any size any shape. Launch at public beach on rt 17. (Lloyd’s driveway is full) Race Time: 11:00. Nice trophy.

Meanwhile, a few of us toured Megunticook today in the company of a very exceptional boat.

We don’t have many big Skeeters in Maine, so what a treat to have this classic back in service. Sails like a dream, drives like a Cadillac, and just want’s to keep going faster and faster. Even in the light air today she had no trouble getting wound up. And the sensation of a big heavy boat accelerating all that mass with you in it certainly gets your attention. Sure was a shock to get back into the DN. The ice over toward the Turnpike side is the best we found so far.

Jim Gagnon will be sailing Lower Long Pond tomorrow. It’s one of the Belgrade Lakes and the public boat launch is just past Castle Island Camp. Call him at 415-302-1960

Finally, there is a rumble in the distance about a Winnipesaukee Hard Way this weekend. All the scouting reports aren’t in yet, but we are trying hard to get one in the books before the paper goes to dust. Stand By. Charlie, you out there?

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