Sailing down South

Two days of great sailing on grade 9 ice with lots of interesting boats and sailors. The plate was about the size of Plymouth Pond as the main part of the bay was blocked by slush/pressure ridges. A couple of guys from Rhode Island and Ramblin Roger rounded out the road warriors. All the other thirty plus boats were local. Imagine that: Nites, Arrows, Yankees, C Skeeters and DN’s. All in full sun with a wind that never quit, contrary to all forecasts. One more lesson driven home: just be there, no matter what say’s the weatherman!

All kinds of trailers. Denis, is it time to improve the graphics on the little one?

There were two slush pits, one of which was discovered by a slow moving Yankee. We went back to get cones to mark the spots but everyone thought we were setting up racing marks and no sooner was this one set in place that a two-up Yankee came by and cut the mark pretty close. By some miracle he got across it with only a shocked look on his face. You can see his track above. The CIBC needs to be more proactive in setting marks. Traffic control is improved, sailing skills are honed, and it’s fun!

Thanks to Jimmy’s wife for bringing coffee and donuts today, and to Dan Clapp for all the subs yesterday. And to Ramblin Roger for making pizza on the camp stove in his van.

Remember ice like this? Eight hours in the car is a small price to pay after a month of shoveling. The weather this coming week calls for a warm spell with some rain. This plate might not survive, but Red Bank will, and be improved by it. The Sweepstakes are tentatively ON for next weekend. Both Jack Frost and Rocket are on the ice and have been sailing on the crappy ice. Next weekend will see them in their element, along with all kinds of iceboat fun. Stay tuned, tank up, and come for some southern hospitality.

Tom Nichols’ new back scratcher C Skeeter.

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