Sebago Is Back!

Rambin’ Roger is back on the road again. He says he don’t know where he’s bound, but we can be sure it’s not south. Maybe he knows that Lee Spiller is on Sebago right now, reporting that with the cold scheduled for tonight the surface will be very sailable tomorrow. The forecast for the rest of the week looks great, too. Fresh breeze tomorrow and Thursday, some sun, high twenties low thirties, and cold nights to maintain the surface. Frank Able, I hope you were joking when you said that you leave for Florida tomorrow. Is your flight late enough that you could sail in the morning first?

Anyway, Lee will send photos this afternoon which will be posted here post haste. He will have a look at Nason’s as well. We’ll make the call on the best venue then, but plan on sailing the next couple of days at least!

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