Observations of Sebago from the West Side

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Dave Fortier was the first to arrive this morning. No one else, except Roger, had left home when he called. As far as he could …

Sebago Ice that’s nice! Ice boaters, It looks like the best ice of the season in North Sebago. What was 1′ drifts and then an inch of sleet and slush four days ago has melted and refrozen to the best sailing surface so far this season. At 4:00 PM, Wednesday, March 18 th, it is 21 F and the temperature is dropping like a rock. The surface is all solid with maybe 2% sailable snow spots as far as we can see, miles and miles. There is a major pressure ridge following the north west shore from off Nason’s beach all the way to the Songo River. It is very visible and three feet or better high in spots. The wind now 15-25 knots. Best of luck sailing over the next week. Phil

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