One Mainer Goes to the Easterns

Unless you count our honorary Mainer: Ramblin Roger, who scored both regattas. Doug Raymond checks in:

“Just back from the Easterns/NE’s. Two fabulous days of racing on Champlain. This photo shows the plate we sailed. If you look hard you can see the pressure ridge we crossed to the miles of smooth ice we sailed. The person to the left (no this is not photo shopped, I swear) is blessing the ice, at least that was my take on it. Shelburne can be odd. Those are the Adirondacks in NY on the horizon. I was the only Mainer unless you count Ramblin Roger. He did a great job scoring the New Englands. I think he wants to give racing a go. Several top Gold Fleet racers showed the rest of how it’s done. Think ice, Doug PS check the NE site for more photos.”

The NEIYA site has not posted photos or results yet, but we’re rooting for the home town boy! Call around next time Doug, and twist some arms. You might some company for the long ride.

Locally, it’s looking very good for Long Pond MDI on Wednesday. Check in if you’d like to go.

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