An April First to Remember

The last post mentioned the great ice that Kate and Roger found on Champlain. See it and weep:

Kate says: “Thanks to Roger’s scouting we launched from So. Hero on Grand Isle at Keeler bay. Attached is a pic of our boats. The ice was amazing and the wind held all day. I recorded my fastest speed ever at 57.8 and we sailed 81.5 miles. We should have tried a little harder for the 100miles and the 60mph. Kate”

So, one can even have regrets in paradise!

And over on Sebago that day Lee fills in the details:

I didn’t relate all the April Fools day misadventures.
Two friends borrowed boats. Steve, a friend from since the 1970’s and Thom…well another friend from that era. Steve is a sailor. He’s also blind in one eye which may have contributed to the collision the two of them had inside the reef while Steve was getting the feel for Karin’s boat. Thom was sailing my boat and they must have hit fairly hard judging from the chunks of wood taken out of the boats. I inspected them thought things were ok and off they went again. Steves mast soon fell down due to damage to the shroud adjuster..easy fix.
It was later out in the big open lake when we’re were sailing quite fast ( I was a bit concerned about them as it was a stiff but steady wind) that Steve capsized in a gybe. I suspect now the plank attachments had been loosened in the previous crash. I’m repairing the plank and hull damage to Karin’s boat today where a runner sliced the side board and lifted a piece of the deck.
In the process of putting the hull and plank together and lashing everything so Steve could tow the wreck back to the beach my van keys must have fallen out of Karin’s pocket, something we discovered after several more hours of truly great sailing. It was after 2pm and the surface was starting to soften so sailing was not an option to go back and look for the keys..
And this is when Calvin shows up and drives his truck out onto the ice…we were all somewhat surprised when he just hot-rodded down the ramp then out onto the ice. After he drove all along the inside of the pressure ridge we were all slack jawed with amazement and some consternation when he pointed the truck at the open and very active pressure ridge and blasted across it at 30mph. The truck then proceeded to go all over the times it was a tiny black dot in the far distance…eventually the truck returned and again did the old flying jump maneuver, crossed the ridge, came up the ramp, and stopped in front of us, the driver grinning and his boxer in his lap looking quite pleased as well.
Here’s where things get interesting…
Thom said jokingly “Hey you see any car keys out there?”
I saw my chance and said hey are you willing to go back out and cross that reef and with some bravado he said he would be more than happy too. After explaining about the keys and telling him I was terrified at the prospect of going out he said hop in lets go…
So there I was sitting in the front seat of a pick up truck driving straight at the ridge I’d been nervous about crossing on foot…we got across with a big bang and a huge shower of water and drove around for a half hour trying to find the crash site which of course we weren’t able to do.
The whole time I could only think about having to drive back across the pressure ridge…and it wasn’t a pleasant thought I can tell you. I said to Cal how about I stand in the bed of the truck and maybe I’ll be able to see better. But really I was just hoping to increase my chances of surviving the inevitable catastrophe.
When we crossed the reef again it was with an awful crash as the back end fell through but with a huge lurch and bump almost ejecting me we continued on…Cal yells out the window “I guess we won’t be going that way again!”
At least I felt like now I wasn’t going to die.
But as we came to the ramp I was thinking geez I think we need to be more to the left and sure enough the truck broke through…gently and not far as we were over the lower end of the ramp now but on sun softened ice. I felt kinda bad for having suggesting going back out…but Calvin readily admitted he knew he was driving onto the ramp at the wrong angle.
No need to go on about the details of the rescue, a procession of workmen in pick up trucks and various gawkers and broken tow straps and too many cooks but in the end a front end loader easily removed the truck.

Calvin and his boxer finally drove off both grinning…in a well rinsed truck.
Ps I came home and got my extra keys..

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