Easter Sailing on Dariscotta Lake, 4/5

The only clue that spring might be here is the high sun and lack of brutal cold. Aside from that the wind, snow blizzards and miles of great ice could fool you into thinking it was still February. We had it all today: dead calms, big winds, full sun and total white-out. Boats were all over the lake for the first white-out, but three of us were in the south end around the islands when the lights went out. The wind came on strong and I high-tailed back to the narrows looking for a lee, relying on feel and the vague outline of a couple of points. I was thrilled when Jim Gagnon appeared out of the gloom, so I slowed down so we’d stay in sight of each other. Then the wind died, the sun came out, and Curtis appeared in the distance pushing Indigo.

Blowing snow is in the air but the sun is shining above. Could there be a little religion in the weather today?

Twenty-one boats showed up, ignoring the weather forecast and compromising with family over the holiday. In spite of the snowy start, which Fred Wardwell called “inconvenient”, boats were all over the place. The two Cheapskates made their own expedition to Muscongus Bay, and Dave & Doug set marks for the Maine States. Sadly, there were no takers for the race. Sailors seemed content to tear around in the snow and strong wind marveling at the wonder of nature.

Frank Able drove in from Florida last night and showed up this morning for his first sail of the year. He doesn’t look tired to me! Brother Bobby has a new J-14 and was ripping around easily in the strongest of gusts. Jim Gagnon is still out there, waiting for Ramblin Roger to get back from an Easter lunch so they can sail until dark.
Bunting and the Friendship Boys have their boats on the ice hoping for a window this week, but the forecast is bleak.

The good news is that temps will stay below freezing at night all week. Depending on what the precipitation does, we could be in good shape for next weekend. Eyes are still on the prize to our north; no singing woman of substance in sight…

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