Fat Lady Sings Lullaby to Dammariscotta 4/8

John Brisson, first year iceboater, has already learned what it takes to succeed in this sport: wake up early and drive far. He and his sister Michelle left Rockport Mass at 3:00 am today, arriving on the lake just after seven. They got the best part of the day, with strong winds and hard, smooth ice. Ramblin Roger arrived early too, so we set off for the south end first thing. It was a mile-a-minute morning on both the North and South broads, with many non-stop passages through the narrows.

We took a break in the bottom of Musgongus Bay, and then headed back north to be sociable. I managed to circle nearly every island in the south end at top speed on the way back. Magnificent.

The sails of Lloyd, Bunting, John Stanton (also a record setting road warrior today), Bill Grenier, and Paul Delnero greeted us as we flew back into the North Broads. We galloped around for a while as the wind began to fade and the ice soften.

The plate had many glassy spots that looked and felt like real ice, here in the morning sun, but everything softened at about the same rate. By noon it was topping forty degrees, and with the light wind not even slush runners could provide the ride. But the day was so pleasant that no one was in a great hurry to pack up. We snacked, chatted, slowly took the boats apart and just tried to drink a deep enough draft of frozen Damariscotta to tie us over until next year. She came in late, but did not disappoint. If iceboating is the oyster in our lives, then this lake is the pearl.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to show up today. It’s the fundamental reality of what keeps the CIBC vibrant and growing.

There is still energy for Moosehead if we can get a couple of cold nights there. Last year we sailed on 4/17…

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