CIBC Spring Meeting

The Spring Meeting held at the Damariscotta Lake Farm Inn, in full view of the lake, was a terrific success. The pot luck food was fresh and tasty, including a fine grilled Salmon. Over thirty people showed up. We had opened the meeting to the general public by placing announcements in local media, but the only new person who showed up was Bill Good. He’s just moved here from New York and already had heard of the club. Welcome, Bill. That said, we still had thirty-five members in attendance with John Stanton and Eben Whitcomb making the trek from Connecticut.

We agreed to hold a fall tuning clinic to help those most in need of learning how to make their boats sail well. Runner sharpening and alignment are the basics. New Board of Directors members Curtis Rindlaub and Frank Able hit the ground running with all kinds of great ideas. The best one is a new prize to be bestowed upon all those who can document sailing over 1000 miles in a season. Details are still being worked out, but the plan has great buzz. Thanks to Bobby Able for planting that seed.

Doug Raymond has a thought on safety preparedness:

Hi Lloyd,
People really do enjoy your newsletters. The last two issues in particular with the color cover photos got left out on coffee tables everywhere to impress friends, I’m sure. The diversity is refreshing. I have no doubt you will come up with more great ones in the future.
I mailed Bill the web links to the throw-bag and ice picks. Hopefully he posts them soon with mention of free dues to anyone showing up with them at the fall meeting. (He could re-post in fall) This says to the general public that CIBC cares about safety and also reminds iceboaters that we have a responsibility to carry this stuff. It will be really interesting to see how many people show up with picks and throw lines. I know I will, cheapskate that I am. Who knows, it may save a life some day.
I also sent Bill a link for the iceboat screw-in tie downs that I got. I used them at the Easterns on Champlain and they’re better than Ambien. If you remind me I’ll bring a set to the fall meeting to show people.
I mentioned to Dave I thought it would be cool if he photoed some CIBC trophies, ie Maine States, Linc Davis, Spring Classic, Warner St Clair and have them posted to our website during the slow summer doldrums. John and a couple others thought that was a good idea. By the way, the Warner St Clair trophy should have been awarded the last couple of years because that trophy isn’t about racing, but sportsmanship and recognition to a CIBC member who gave something extra or special to the sport. (that’s the way it evolved the last several years it was awarded) I can think of two or three people it should have been awarded to. I’d be happy to update it if the powers that be would like.
Lastly, I must say, what a truly great bunch of riff-raff this club is. I go to other meetings and parties but never come away feeling the way these get- togethers leave me. What a talented, interesting group of exceptional people. It’s a shame we only get to do this twice a year. Doug

Throw Bag:

Iceboat Anchors:

Self-Rescue Ice Picks: WOLFIE!

Dave Fortier would like to have all of Larry Hardman’s ice poetry on the web site, a worthy goal. Doug recited some of his best for us at the meeting. We should probably start every CIBC meeting with a dash of Hardman verse. Dave writes:

Very well said Doug, legendary newsletters that I will enjoy going through searching for Larry Hardman’s ice poetry. I will get those trophies Photographed and we can show them in the racing section of the web site along with the results of races past and present. MAN I got to get to work!
Great meeting, Great sport, Great folks. Have a Great day, Dave

Now that we’re officially into iceboat building season, be sure to send in project reports. We are building yet another obscure Russian design here at Iceboat Central, the 8 Meter:

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