Great Video

This one has it all: the travel: by jet from Holland, the heartbreak of the weather: rain and slush, the camaraderie: getting the boats down to the ice in spite of it all, and after all that, the sailing: Bantam Lake Connecticut 1967. For Frank Able, there is a skeeter called G-Whizz. Check out the sign in front of the CT Ice Boat Club.

1967 Dutchies goes USA – YouTube

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2 Responses to Great Video

  1. John Stanton says:

    The cars are classic now and the $0.10 I95 toll in New Rochelle is now $1.75. City scenes are my first memories of NY but no hot chestnuts. Things look pretty much the same on Bantam. This is a true NY Metro ice boating retrospective. Thanks for digging it up Bill!

  2. Dave says:

    Ahhhh….60s ! Simple times, Ramblers, small homes, low budgets, and Desmond on Sax ! Send me back !

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