Eastern Challenge

We do things a bit differently than the folks in Minnesota. We find obscure little lakes in the middle of nowhere, watch the conditions ebb and flow, and then pounce. Lake Abenakis, in Ste. Aurelie Quebec was ready to go last week, then was hit with snow, and now the recent warm spell has melted the snow. There’s an inch of slush over the original two inches which is about half frozen today. Temps tonight are at about freezing. There’s no guarantee, but we think the combination of cold from the two inch plate, at freezing air temps, and a little breeze will finish the job by morning.

The big push to attempt it tomorrow is the wind. By Tuesday, when it will absolutely be solid, the wind has gone. Same for the rest of the week: a big high has just parked itself there. But it might be great for the skating crowd, but as you can see, it’s not the usual sheet of glass-black ice.
So, anyone up for the Eastern Challenge? Up through Jackman on US 201, cross the border and hang a right.

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  1. John Stanton says:


    Good to see you back behind the keyboard! Glad you guys got a chance to sail. Sailing at the end of the year wraps up the whole year. Start to finish.

    I have also been questioned about the prep and drive to sailing ratio but do not think your numbers are too unrealistic. Do we all want to roll out of bed and walk to the pit with a cup of coffee in hand? Of course yes. If that means sailing 95% less during the season than NO way.

    May the ice be with you,


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