Another Great Day in Quebec

While we were were being good boys and staying close to home over Christmas, Denis Guertin took his family to the ice and managed to snatch another fantastic bit of sailing from Lac Joli. Since last week when the Yankees were there they have had snow, rain, and everything in between. Yet from all that chaos came this lovely sheet of orange peel. There were a few holes where the slush pits had formed, but the ice was still over three inches.

It’s snowing in Quebec and inland Maine today; we’re getting rain and freezing rain here on the coast. The coming week will be tossing us our own mixed bag of wintery wetness and all we can do at this point is to hope that somehow Plymouth Pond pops out at the other end with something satisfying for us starving sailors.

The old stern steerer “Whirlwind” is all decked out with a new high aspect ratio sail, all the rigging sorted out, and sharpened and aligned runners. They were only out .060, which for a boat nearly 100 years old is pretty amazing. We have seen nothing but high quality first class construction and materials every where we looked. All we need now is that elusive hard frozen stuff and a buyer for the boat.

She is for sale for a serious buyer. Contact Lloyd or myself for details. On the trailer ready to go. More photos available.

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