Iceboating Possibilities 1/4

Bob Lombardo and his fellow skater Carl skated Pushaw Lake on Sunday and are there again today…Bob reports that the lake is fully frozen with 3” of slush ice giving a fairly good surface. Tonight’s deep freeze of single-digit temperatures should make it safe for careful iceboating on Tuesday. This lake has such good memories from last season.

Our Plymouth Pond spy, Lorrie Nichols, reports that the pond is fully frozen, is walkable, and has a thin snow cover.

For black ice, Pemaquid Pond is smoothly and newly frozen, and may be usable for Wednesday sailing. I will be checking thickness there Tuesday morning, and will try to post a report in the evening.

Bill Buchholz is down at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. teaching iceboat construction, so we’re a bit on our own here in Midcoast Maine….I know that if Bill were here, at this very moment we’d be driving to Pushaw to check it out for tomorrow, possibly spending the night there….Tomorrow’s forecast is an iceboater’s dream: sun and hatfuls of wind!

Be Safe!…..jory

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  1. Robert Lombardo says:

    This is Bob L. I skated on Pushaw today at mid-lake [half way up the lake] where there is a big area of bare dark grey ice which goes almost fully across lake and just as wide. Nice ice and this afternoon measured a full 3″ which half of it was hard clear ice. The rest was covered in 1″ crusty snow with a smooth ice surface underneath which measured a full4″+. South east corner of lake is bare ice and slush ice at that which would measure 4+ also. Ice off of Goulds landing has the same snow covering. Scattered over the lake are “ice avenues” some a good 20′ wide. My guess is everything will measure 5″ by the morning. I did not see any open water and guessing there are pressure ridges forming already. I have photos which I will post on the FB page.

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