more ice reports for central maine

Icehound Lee Spiller reports:

Sabattus Pond and Androscoggin Lake seen this afternoon from Mount Pisgah (isn’t that where the Promised Land was seen from?) are covered with new black ice. I will be looking at them in the morning before I go to Portland. I’m not sure the iceboating community is interested in either pond…but Sabattus is shallow and a good sized lake. I will be back in NH the rest of the week but might be able to travel for ice Wed on… (these waters are just east of Lewiston-Auburn —ed)

Jory: with no snow in the forecast, at least until Saturday, and very cold temps, there’s bound to be iceboating afoot. But it’s important to remember that even though ice is coming almost a month late, still this is not December, and the threat of a snow kibosh is higher than it would be then….we’ve got to hop on this little window….

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  1. Tim Biggs says:

    Freedom Pond is completely frozen and fairly frozen

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