DN’s @ MIT

Eight students, building four DN’s, in two weeks. Half of them are here for the event from Singapore. Can it be done? Can’t say for sure just yet, but with the kind great attitudes and razor sharp minds in attendance I wouldn’t bet against them. The three women are just as proficient as the guys, and all the teams are cross cultural and male/female. Here’s what we’ve done in three days:

Setting up the sides on the Goodwin plans template. These guys were quite proud of themselves until they realized the boat was upsidown.

Ready, set: GO!

Julia and Marcus getting in the forward structure.

Isaac and Maria yesterday, flipping the fist boat to be ready to receive its bottom.

To add a bit of drama to the course, the solar car team, whose space we had taken over for these two weeks, returned early from the Solar Car Worlds in Australia. They needed their space now, with no dust. These are some tough sun bunnies; on their wall is a poster urging us to “Make the Sun Your Bitch”. Not sure what that actually means, but nonetheless, we made space, we cleaned it, and have been on our best behavior ever since.

Tomorrow is sailing day on Sabbatus for the class. We have four boats, thanks to the efforts of Chad Atkins, strapped to the roofs of two rental cars. We’ve bought long underwear, mittens and balaclavas for the equatorials, and are hoping beyond hope for enough breeze to get them a taste of what it is that makes us do the things we do.

Hope to see you there.

Oh, just had to share this courtyard where all kinds of cool things are made:

Relics of inspirations past…

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5 Responses to DN’s @ MIT

  1. John Stanton says:


    Very cool stuff. You always find the fun jobs. Well Its work but sure a lot of personal bennies.

    I am sure there must be some high desert lakes in Mongolia with the most beautiful ice imaginable. Road Trip!


  2. Warren Nethercote says:

    Bill, did you glue up the slit in the sides aft over a mold? It would seem worth the effort for four boats and the set-up photos look like the sides are pre-formed.

  3. Jay Maloney says:

    This is way cool.

    On a political correctness note, Bill, perhaps you meant co-ed, not bi-sexual. But maybe not.

    J. Maloney

    Maloney Marine Rigging, Inc.


  4. Charles Silfvenius says:

    Stu Nelson would be proud to see this happening at MIT where he was sailing instructor for years. Thanks Bill for getting it going. On a side note the New Hampshire boat museum was wondering if I would teach the building of DNs for their summer boat building classes.  Any feedback would be helpful. I noticed the use of full size templates.

  5. Ted Vaughan says:

    As usual Bill, You Lead From The FRONT!!!

    Ted & Carolyn

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