Sabattus Sabbatical

All eight of the MIT students, including four from Singapore, had their first taste of iceboating yesterday. The smallest, lightest member of the group got well wound up in spite of the light air conditions. She is from Singapore, and wondered if the huge, flat expanse of flat ice was made by some kind of truck. Leave it to an engineering mind…The rest of the group rotated through four DN’s and a Gambit until the wind took the usual afternoon nap; one kid admitted to being a bit scared, which is a good sign.
Chad, T, Guy, Fortier, and others got in a few races. They were joined by Dave Clapp and his son of the Von Clapp Family Iceboaters. New sailor Brett from New Jersey was there, as well Neil and friends from Cape Cod. Most of the CIBC regulars made it as well. Oddly enough, there was yet another green sail in addition to the two below.
Anybody know who it was?

Here are the students with the MIT fleet. Tip of the helmet to Professor John Brisson for pulling together this amazing outing: everything from rental cars to boats to long underwear!

The wind backed around to the west late in the day. A handful of boats were still out there to catch it. The day was just so beautiful, the ice deep and magical, that you just wanted to linger. The late breeze came in at maybe 6-8, just enough to get a hike now and then. Three of us lit out reaching for the north end when your scribe came to his senses and realized a long walk home might not be the best way to end the day, no matter how beautiful the lake, so we drag raced back near the pits in the near dusk.

Today brings snow, slush, rain, you name it. Tomorrow is all rain here, snow inland. Don’t know about New Hampshire. Maybe they’ll get lucky. Meanwhile, here’s some good news from the long range forecast: Polar vortex to usher widespread cold, snow chances into US during mid-January Hopefully this will help heal the weekend’s damage.

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