Moosehead Sunday and Monday

Bill and I will be sailing from The Birches Sunday and Monday mornings at 10 AM, if any cruisers want to join us……Lloyd may also join us….we hope to explore the southern parts of the known plate for a possible regatta next weekend…..Bill has shopped around and found a nice weather prediction….winds from the north 5-10MPH, highs in the mid 20’s….my shopping yields 6MPH, which I guess is actually in that range….

it’s all i can do not to kiss my ice-widow good-by and de-camp for the entire week….when i remember that this is actually ‘the middle season’ …..a snowy time when i would normally be crying into my hot rum punch….and here i am a mere 130 miles south of amazing and almost endless ice…..then i know that if i don’t jump on this, i will have lots of months to cry into my mint julep…..

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  1. Robert Lombardo says:

    Three of us explored [on skates of course]for 4hrs on Saturday. What I found was away from that west shore you will not find people. The back side of Farm Is. is remote and the lure of venturing into North Bay was there but common sense told me not to go. I do hope you sailors get up in there because the ice looked the same as far as I could tell and it did look deserted of humans. What a plate of ice served up cold.

  2. Bridget Sheehan says:

    Super funny and good for you for keeping perspective. Those of that do make sure to grab the small but albeit wonderful opportunities in life Sail On!!

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