Moosehead Photos 1/21-22

Jory just about covered it. But I wanted to apologize to all those who went to the Rockwood public boat launch and found no one there. We failed to send out an update to announce the launch had been changed to the Birches. This all happened once we were on the ice and realized that we could indeed launch from the Birches and that the best ice was in the north end. We will try to improve communications for next time.

Looking north through Hardscrabble Straight. This goes on and on as far as the horizon. We only made it about a third of the way.

Kudos the Ramblin Roger, who set up at the Rockwood ramp, for actually sailing over the brash ice separating north and south, over which I wouldn’t have dared even push my boat. Then he took a nice three mile down-wind walk in the rising moonlight to fetch his van from the old launch site and drive back in time to join us for dinner at The Birches. And two tips of the helmet to Brett and his mom Helen, who drove all night from New Jersey. They popped in to say hello as we were eating breakfast and then went directly to the ice to set up. I believe they were still sailing well into the afternoon. Their exploit destroys all excuses!

They are packed full with iceboaters tonight. The NEIYA is running regattas today and tomorrow. There is no snow in sight, and there will be sailing at least through Monday. Yesterday we probably had close to twenty boats, with more showing up by the afternoon. The Birches will have open space Sunday night and beyond. But if you do come, please co-ordinate with others so you don’t wind up there alone. This is not the place to sail off by yourself.

On the circumnavigation of Farm Island, with the Presidential Range in the background. Fast Frank missed the shot as he just circled us, beseeching us to get moving!
Jory was right on the mark with his observations of this group. We all stuck together, leaders circling back to pick up the stragglers, all crossing ridges together at the same time, and after gamboling about on scattered plates of 10+ ice, moving on as a group to the next place at top speed. Nicely done, gents.

Not the best shot, but how often do you get to sail up to the door of your own little cabin? You pop in every now and then to stoke the fire, warm the toes, have a cup of coffee and just marvel at the Magic of Moosehead…

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