Moosehead Yesterday, Megunticook Saturday

Frank, Denis and Bobby Able got the last of the big wind/big ice combo, at least for a while. Light snow, light wind coming for a while. But here’s what they had to say about it:

“We sailed Moosehead today again. We sailed all day long with Bobby. We had a great time together. And we accomplished our mission very well by sailing our Whizzes faster than the J-14. You should be proud of us !!

We started with our Whizz sail and wing mast, but the wind was really too strong for this rigging. We went back to the pits at 11:30 and all 3 of us changed for Storm sails. That was the way to go today. Wind was very strong, and gusty. But we sailed that big plate non-stop until 3:00. Frank’s top speed today was 73 mph, and I reached 66 mph. With storm sails !!

Ice is becoming a bit rougher. Some snow patches that melted and froze again has made the ice less smooth than last weekend, but still very sailable. Bobby was very impressed by such a large plate to sail. He says he has never sailed on a big lake like this before.

We’ll see what kind of snowfall we get in the next 2 days. Not much expected. We may go back there next weekend.”

Don’t forget: one of these amazing boats, W-5 is available at a great price. Don’t let it get away to the Midwest!

Meanwhile, we scouted Meginticook today and rarely has there been such a nice plate of re-freeze. A single Whizz sailed a fast short track course on the west side of the broads on a consistent 8″ of ice. There’s a minor, but active, pressure ridge running from the Steps to the Flagpole, bisecting the broads. Western Way was not scouted. Lloyd will be hosting a Cheapskate tuning clinic Saturday, and others will try to scout and sail the entire lake. Tomorrow’s snow shouldn’t amount to much.

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  1. Breck Holladay says:

    Where and when is the tuning clinic? Can I bring my jig and learn how to use it? I have a DN and a Skimmer.

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