Ice Inspiration

A couple of titillating tidbits.

This short montage from Denis is designed to get those who are on the fence off the fence and into their cars on Tuesday, headed for Moosehead Lake. The Birches will be open for lunch, by the way.

Then we have this cryptic tingling rumble in the gut message from Lee Spiller. Leo, you getting this?

The ice in outer Wolfeboro Bay. Little Barndoor Island right of center…ice extends well past there but with some openings way out. 5″ where photo taken, 3″to 4″ near point but not really checked past that. Broads open. This ice will still be here at the end of the week. I’m starting to wonder if it connects to the Center Harbor end of the lake…you know what I’m thinking.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Would this make it an “open” hard way?

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