Save The Moose!

The snow falling this morning seems to be covering most of New England, including the great potential of Lake Champlain. But as of nine this morning Moosehead has just a dusting which is wetting out in the standing water from yesterday’s thaw.
This morning at nine also sees Mark Hanscik and Jordan Glaeser headed for Moosehead from New Jersey. They are desperate to get some training time in their A Skeeters ahead of the upcoming ISA (which is supposed to be in the East this year) and there’s a chance they could be rewarded for their optimism. While the forecast for Saturday and Sunday isn’t great, it could be sailable. And if you’ve never seen an A Skeeter, the Formula One of iceboats, here’s your chance.
We’ll know more about the conditions later in the day and will report back here, but I just wanted to give a heads up to the possibility of the weekend at The Birches.

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