from Lee Spiller:

I have mixed emotions about your decision. I was having an awful time making up my mind if I should rig a boat and sail with you guys or go over and join the gang for the big kitewing tour of Squam on skis…I think I would have opted for the super DN and storm sail..
At least now I know what I’m doing tomorrow. I will be going to Winni Sunday and Monday. The ice is very good and very big and I actually thrive in extreme cold. If I can only find someone else to join me….
While kitewinging today we found a stranded loon. I sailed back to the beach then skated back with a blanket and caught the loon. I skated back to the beach with my new friend tight in my arms and waited 45 minutes watching the sun set with a toasty, mostly calm, loon in my lap until the loon rescue folks showed up.
We winged yesterday on Squam with skis amongst swirling snow devils and ground blizzards.
Damn I love winter.

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2 Responses to from Lee Spiller:

  1. George Theriault says:

    Hooray for you, Lee.

    I’m used to people thinking that ice and snow lovers are looney. Thanks for confirming this in a very positive and important way!

  2. Rick Dubiel says:

    Thanks for saving the loon!

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