Moosehead ON for the Weekend

Some conditions apply. Read the small print: we’re basing this call solely on the webcam indicating wet-out, deep freeze tomorrow and Friday night, and the Birches staff telling us the ice is still tight to the shore. It’s hard to say what sort of surface we’ll have, but whatever it is it’ll be hard, and I know we will have sailed on worse and lived to crow about it. It will be sunny Saturday, mid 20’s, and the wind forecast is 7-9mph ssw. Sunday is about the same but without so much sun. The Birches Webcam | Moosehead Lake lodging | Maine | lodging | lakeside cabins | Maine vacation

Long range ice forecast doesn’t look good for local ice. We might have lost Damariscotta, Chickawaukee has big holes. But the Moosehead area will stay below freezing for all of next week, so that plate will stick around. The Winnipesaukee web cam looks promising but we’ve heard no reports from there. snake_eyes.jpg 1,024×768 pixels

Bottom line: we’ll be there for the weekend, and hope you will too!

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  1. william tuthill says:

    Sunapee is still OK

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