Not Sebec, 3/1

A guy will run around chasing all kinds of ice that looks good on-line, but when it comes right down to it, it’s the old familiar passion that really lights the flame. Sebec was ugly with marginal access. Ditto for Wassookeag and double ditto for Sebasticook. It was sweet Miss Plymouth that hit it.

This ice was on fire today. Perfect wet-out and recovery. Tight access. Plymouth Store for lunch. Brisk NW wind that went down with the sun. For me, I learned what it felt like to chase a Whizz all day, only occasionally able to squeek past.

We thought Sebec would be a nice half-way lake upon which to meet Denis from Quebec. Each lake we tried was just “15 minutes down the road”: in the wrong direction for him. But finding the prize after hunting all morning will fuel him for the long drive home. And what’s iceboating all about if not driving. It took Jory and I four hours to get to Plymouth!

Big wet mess still forecast for the next two days. If our luck holds some good ice will pop out the other side. We’re over due for a long tour of South Twin. Rick says the entire lake system is good. This includes the fabled Boom House.

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