Great Ice on Great Pond

Belgrade Lakes is just far enough from the coast to keep their ice, yet close enough to wet out nicely. Chickawaukee is all open, Damariscotta is right behind. Jory and I skate sailed from the public boat launch on Great Pond out to the bottom of Hoyt Island. The straight there, which leads to the larger east side of the lake, is open. Looking east we could see nothing out of order. The west side north from the launch looks fine, except for this ridge. We chopped down 8″ finding no water; local reports are telling us 11″.

This pressure ridge is about a half mile north of the launch and is easily crossed. There is an open lead visible at the point in mid-frame. The straight in the background is open.
The surface is an easy #8+. Skating was smooth and effortless, the skate sailing like flight.
The launch area is excellent and will probably hold trailers but not cars. The ice is thick but not super strong. We plan to be there around 9:00.

Looking north from the pressure ridge.

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