Great Pond 3/5

One of the great joys of a fabulous day on the ice is meeting new people and being a part of such perma-grin joy. Yesterday, life was such an easy game to play. Wind, sun, ice and all on a Saturday. Carl Jelleme, Chris Gordon and his gang on safari from Nantucket hit the jackpot. Tom Nichols had his new boat out for the first time this year and was really getting it dialed in, leaving the fleet behind when his mast broke (of course there wasn’t a full rigged Whizz on hand to give him some real competition, but Indigo came close) It was an old A Cat mast that just wasn’t up to the task. Dave Fortier towed him home from the backside of Hoyt Island.

We did have one good race of about 5 miles. We started at the pressure ridge deep on the east side of the lake, beat up around to the top of Hoyt, then downwind to the pits. It included on pressure ridge crossing and was a tight finish between Fortier and Buchholz. The wind was blowing directly down the lake giving the long stretch on both sides of the island a perfect upwind downwind orientation.

Curtis stopped to check out some real estate with “potential”, and soon everyone came to give support and encouragement. Steve Lamb offered to barge over some steel I beams.

Rounding out the group for the day were Fred Wardwell and his son, Lloyd and Bob McKewen in Cheapskates, Gagnon and Jimmie, Ben Fuller in Tipsy, Denis Guertin (who is promising great ice soon in Quebec: no pressure, Denis!), Bunting and Fred Muser with their Nites, and probably a few others my wind blown brain has forgotten.

Tom Nichols has this to add:

Yesterday I was talking to Steve Lamb, telling him we were moving to Maine this year.
He said that if you are going to iceboat then that is a “pretty smart move”. How can anyone disagree with that.

What a GREAT day on Great Pond with GREAT new friends.
Oh the mast?? I really didn’t like it any way. In true fashion when
it broke many came to help. Dave, thanks for the wonderful
“Lake Tow” back to the pits. Yes, after yesterday “What’s Not To Like?”


Long shadows of those unwilling to quit. We’re waiting for the last couple of boats to come in so we can bring home the cones marking the crossing. Thanks to Lloyd and Bob for moving them to a better spot as our original crossing deteriorated, and thanks to Carl for crossing that old spot just ahead of me. He might have needed that pressure wash after the long drive from Nantucket but I didn’t.

The cones had a rough day on the front lines, but we brought them home for a proper burial. No, Indigo did not pick this up on the fly. Not this time, anyway. And speaking of pressure wash Curtis…

Unclear forecast for now, but we’re watching…

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