Memphramagog 3/21&22

A fat lady sits sulking in her dressing room, loosing patience with these iceboaters who should be tending their crocuses, not chasing ice on high mountain lakes. But we do what we must. The lovely town of Magog has the Magog Sailing Club located just minutes from downtown. The clubhouse was warmed up and opened for us by Jean, who also joined us both days for some long fast sailing. Thanks again to Jacques Charbonneau for scouting the ice for us and taking us out to a great little brew pub for dinner. And Frank, did we really need that fourth pitcher?

The wind was WNW at 12-15, which gave us a long reach up and down the lake. Frank and Denis in full rigged Whizz dominated the drag races, clocking 66mph and logging 75 miles between lunch and cocktail hour.

There is a pressure ridge just behind Kate Moronne which we couldn’t cross. Actually, we were collectively battle weary after a long season of sketchy ice and as a group decided that the available plate was just fine. Even though there was that perfect little island in the distance up to which the ice had been reported to be safe, we released a collective sigh and went back drag racing the five miles from the ridge to the pits.

We couldn’t wait for Frank to finish setting up, but here’s Denis, Michael from Magog, Ramblin Roger, Cool Tool, Jean, Kate Moronne and a kite sailor. Andy Hudson, from West Point NY was still on the road and arrived later. We all sailed until nearly 6:00, and the sun still hadn’t set.
This morning the wind was cold and strong, but the sun was full on. Storm sails all around, and with the addition of another couple of locals we ripped it up until about 1:00 when the long road home beckoned. At last report, Roger was still there.
He might hang around for the rest of the week as we’re keeping a close eye on Lake Umabagog. It’s been well covered by kite and wing sailors who say that in spite of the typical hazzards to be expected this time of year the lake is in great shape. Generally eighteen inches with no sign of pencils. Nasty weather until Friday, beautiful day on Saturday. Anyone up for an easter expedition?

Launch at Umbagog on Rt. 26, near Newry, ME. This is just the small southern bay.

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