Hear The Fat Lady Sing

We were holding out hopes for one final sail on Lake Umbagog this weekend but the slush never froze and the wind didn’t blow. We needed some small sign that the season might be over, but Mother Nature was taking no chances and drove home well her message.

Our fine fat lady has been waiting in the wings for a while now, so it’s time to give her a warm welcome:


Thanks to Denis Guertin for putting this together.

Don’t forget our spring meeting and pot luck at Damariscotta Lake Farm, Sunday April 10.

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2 Responses to Hear The Fat Lady Sing

  1. Jeff Kester says:

    As usual, you guys are the creative best! AND, I hope to someday have the blessing to find as many days on the ice as you experience. We tried to join you this year, but it didn’t work out on Winni, There is always another year!..at least that is what I pray for!!

  2. Ted & Carolyn Vaughan says:

    Really great video especially for a single camera !!! Should be one for all time giving the right impressions of iceboating!!! Very sorry we missed Moosehead especially!

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