Runners and Sailing

Jeff Kester is considering making another batch of 42″ runners. He sold out of the last run and if there are enough commitments he”ll invest in a big plate of steel. He has two pairs already sold. They look like this:

You can make the stiffener yourself, or find someone to do it for you. Contact him at Jeff Kester

And yes, the Fat Lady has sung. But we’ll be having an encore at Lac St. Francois in Lambton, Quebec, this coming Monday and Tuesday. It looks like this:

Yes, it looks dark and wet, but the temperature was 50 when this was taken today. It’s thicker than a 12″ drill bit and no obvious hazzards could be seen. Of course it always the un-obvious ones that get you but either way we’re going sailing. The temps won’t be above freezing from tonight until Wednesday thanks to the Polar Vortex, the last gasp of a challenging winter. Think of it not so much as “iceboating” per se, but just something fun to do with friends on a lovely spring day.

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