Mini Skeeter/ Maxi Skeeter

Frank Able’s new Mini Skeeter ROLLING ROCK is coming along well, but ol’ #33 took advantage of this fine spring day to get some fresh air and hang out with his big bother. Maxi Skeeter has been retired from A class racing and is looking for someone to cut him down to a more reasonable size for the kind of sailing we do here in New England. Is it even possible? When something like the Mini comes along and nearly forty plans are sold in the first year, then we have to wonder about lugging around the big boats.But then one day you find yourself on big ice with lots of breeze and a couple of hundred pounds of boat under you, just anchored to the ice and there’s no place you’d rather be, or any other boat you’d rather be there in. Would it be more wonderful out of the wind, under a canopy?

But, thanks to Frank we’ll get a first hand look at this cool little boat on the ice next season. If you’re in the vicinity of Iceboat Central anytime, please stop by and feel free to slide into either one of these boats. Learn more about the Mini Skeeter here: Kestrel – Mini Skeeter Iceboat | WoodenBoat Magazine

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