Frank’s new boat is ready for paint, and then the ice. The summer solstice is less than a month out, and we know what happens then.Tip of the helmet to Bill Bunting for first bringing this great design to our attention. I first saw it as a fleeting image in a video and spent the rest of the time hoping it would re-appear.

And here it is, in the flesh, ready for paint. With the blocks nearly chock-a-block there is still room for the boom to pass over a helmet clad head, resting nicely on the top of the transom. Once the luff is tight, more sheet tension just pulls the mast back, closing the gap and flattening the sail. Oh yea, and you go faster.

Fuselage weight 70#, no stays, foot steering. See it in action here: Mini Skeeter Iceboat plans at – YouTube

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2 Responses to Mini-Skeeter

  1. Stephen J Lamb says:

    And why aren’t you putting wheels on it for the summer
    Steve Lamb

  2. Stephen Dent says:

    Beautiful boat and concept. Wish we had these things (and ice) to sail on. Have fun and good luck. Cheers from Steve

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