Warm Feet

This is a fairly typical photo, but something about it grabs me. Maybe it’s the big Moosehead ice, or the fact that we’re all setting storm sails (except Charlie), or the fact that I remember this as one of the most awesome cruises of the season. But what I know for sure is that is was cold. Jory’s gloves failed, and others mentioned their cold feet.
Today I stumbled into an old friend who coaches downhill skiing and we swapped notes on what a fantastic/devastating winter we’d had. She said that it was so warm that she rarely turned her boots on. Apparently she has battery powered boot warmers because coaches spend lots of time just standing around watching students crash and rolling their eyes. So they use Hotronics: Hotronic FootWarmers and Dryers | Hotronic – Keeping Feet Warm, Keeping Hands and Feet Dry!

In an iceboat, you could either strap the battery to your body, or mount it on the inside of the boat somewhere, as long as you remembered to un-plug before dis-embarking.
This might not seem timely to those of you down south, but here in Maine it hasn’t hit seventy yet. The NW wind has been howling for days and we actually lit a fire last night. If I could have plugged in my slippers I wouldn’t have thought twice.

We’re setting up another Mini Skeeter on spec; please pass the word. Carl Jelleme’s storm DN wing mast is done and ready to ship. While most of us are happy to step the regular DN mast in high winds to eliminate the wing mast flutter when sheeting out, Carl doesn’t care for the look, which is important, so commissioned a small wing mast with the usual bright carbon finish.

Thanks to John Stanton for leading the countdown to the summer equinox. I just hope we get a dash of summer at some point here in Maine. As the old joke goes: “What did you do last summer on your vacation in Maine? Well, I believe it came on a Thursday so we had a picnic…”

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  1. icbrdmn@comcast.net says:


    As always, I enjoyed your post.

    Just came back from my 50th reunion at Dartmouth. A classmate owns a place on Damariscotta Lake. I was telling about the farm where ice boaters launch, but could not recall the name.

    Please let me know the name so I can pass it on.

    Getting nice compliments on the CIBC sticker on my vehicle.

    Thank you.

    Ted Amaral

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